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Thursday, July 28, 2005

If you lost track of Charlie Jade, tonight at 9 pm on Space there's a recap episode that will explain it all for ya... and if you miss that one, it's airing again at 7 pm on Space on Saturday. If you did lose track, check it out, because ep. 17, which is airing at 8 pm on Saturday, is pretty freakin' cool, and so are the last 3 of the season.

For the record, my favorite eps are: 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, and 20. We parachuted in for ep. 9 (that's where you start to see our names on the eps), but we didn't really get our feet on the ground till 12, which incidentally is where the utterly smashing Rolanda Marais comes into the series as Blues Paddock. 17 is where we finally grokked the coolness of Bob's vision, aka drank the Kool-Aid...


I know you've been praising Global Frequency and so I'm betting you don't have big problems with media downloading. At least I hope not, because I just wanted to tell you that after reading your blog I've downloaded the first season so far and am really enjoying it.

I'm just up to Episode Seven, thought the introduction of Charlie's backstory helped a lot with his character, but still think most of the other players are pretty underdeveloped: they are all just kind of sleepwalking through their respective dimensions - shit just happens to them and it's getting kind of dull. Charlie at least is pretty active, but I don't understand why he wants to return to the Alphaverse; I don't think I've actually seen him have any kind of emotional response to his new environment, beyond the "your technology is so backwards" shtick. Is he supposed to be too cool for emotions or something?

0-1 at least seems to have a plan but he's kind of, you know, one sided. I really liked that scene of him on the beach in Gammaverse as plans are being made to turn their Robben Island into a prison - it was good to see him take some time out; I think I got some idea of the peace he is looking for. All the A.D.D psycho stuff is B-Movie lame.

I know I'm only a third of the way in and I've got complaints, but on the upside I dig the concept, the scenery is beautiful, and the colour grading is pretty cool. It's like channel hopping between The Matrix, first season O.C and Fellowship of the Ring.

I'm not finding it difficult to follow at all, I just pray the storyline and characters start to show the depth the premise demands. To that end, I eagerly await these next three episodes.

By Blogger Lee, at 10:31 AM  

Hey Lee,
Pretty fair analysis of the CJ situation thus far.
So read between the lines as I say this:
Alex, me, and the other writer Sean all joined the program starting about Episode 9.
So you haven't actually seen any of Alex's work yet!
Heh heh.


By Blogger DMc, at 11:16 AM  

Ep.17 is definitely my favourite episode yet. I guess I can't say too much because of those who haven't seen it. But it was both suprising and inspiring because it reminded me that great television (or stories in general) can have familiar or at least accessible situations that have unpredictable (and therefore cool, interesting, etc.) outcomes. Halfway through the episode I found myself saying "No, they're not really gonna do that. Are they?" And of course you did, (High Five!) which was great (For the show, not so much for Charlie, guilt sucks).

Of course the real test now will be if the implications of this small part of the overall story will be felt throughout the rest of the season? Story arc? Show?

(please excuse my run on sentences and overuse of parenthesis)


By Blogger "it's always better on holiday...", at 9:47 PM  

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