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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

John Rogers felt he had to explain himself about why he sometimes mentions his (impressive) successes on his blog -- because an (anonymous, of course) reader told him to get over himself. And mentioned Catwoman. Like it was his fault.

One point, of course, is don't allow anonymous comments. I don't, and the level of discourse is better for it. If someone's unwilling to show his face, we shouldn't have to listen to his opinion.

Another is: fool, if you're blaming John for Catwoman, you don't know squat about how movies get screwed up. But then, if you knew anything, you wouldn't be taking potshots at John about his blog.

Another is: hey, John, it's your blog. You're doing us a favor by giving us insight into your writing and your life as a writer. If some fool wants to make a snippy comment, don't feel you have to respond. It took him half a minute to write the snippy. It took you fifteen years to learn how to write.

At John's rates, we're probably reading a hundred thousand dollars worth of blog. Minimum. Bare minimum. Okay, people? That's a hell of a charitable donation.

One thing I like about the whole mess though, is knowing that JR faces the Black Dog just as much as anyone else: the feeling that you're writing crap and that your Muse has run off with the neighbor. Always cheery to hear people who work on $100 million movies complaining about how sucky they think their writing is. Takes the edge off the unavoidable-but-unworthy envy.

JR makes the very interesting promise in the comments "and one of these days, we will discuss the various jobs of the various drafts." That post, I want to read.

DMc asks another interesting question in the comments:
Now -- have you ever found a foolproof way to tell someone that they've just made the stupidest, most unexecutable note ever while still having them like you?
Which is something I sure as hell would like to know.

Though I've always been fond of "Okay, we'll definitely look at that." Followed a week later by "We tried that, and it didn't work."

Personally I don't stress much about whether my stuff is good or not. Not because I think I'm better than everyone else, just because I try not to stress about things I can't control. I try to make the right choices, but choices made, either it is good or it is not, and if I have done the best I can, that's the best I can. And I thank the Goddess that people are willing to pay me to do it.

PS Come back to Canada, John. The Mounties found the guy.


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