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Sunday, December 18, 2005

We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files...
"Mrs. Robinson," Simon & Garfunkel
Enough about me. For the moment, anyway.

Who are you guys? My fellow bloggers, like Bill Cunningham, Julie Goes to Hollywood or Fun Joel, I know what you guys are doing and trying to do. But you lurkers out there -- all over the world -- what's your story? Are you making a living in show business? Do you have a plan to do it where you are? Or move to a media center and do it? Are you anxious to become a pro screenwriter, or just want to know how it's done? What's your vision? What's your dream? And while we're at it -- what else is important to you?

If you've got the time, post here or just email me...


Well, glad I've been clear about it, then! ;-) And also glad to be listed among such fine company. :-)

By Blogger Fun Joel, at 2:49 PM  

If you know what I'm up to, please drop me a line and tell me. Some days I'm a bit corn-fused. Oh, and thanks for noticing.



By Blogger Bill Cunningham, at 2:56 PM  

You'll live to regret casting this net!

I've been writing for interactive media and non-broadcast video for some twenty years, and finally followed my real inclination to write for the big screen. Alex's book, which is one of the best out there, served as the requisite kick in the ass, and I have enjoyed following his blog ever since. I'm not looking to move to LA (too old and jaded) but I do love California, and I could learn to love Vancouver.

To the NSA, if they're listening: everything I said here is a lie.

By Blogger Marc in MD, at 4:21 PM  

Greetings from Jolly Olde England! Just had my first script made into a feature, which recently locked the edit, and should be out early next year ('Severance', starring Danny Dyer, Tim McInnerny, Laura Harris, at all good cinemas near you, etc etc). I have another one on the go which just sold, and am currently halfway into fulltime movieland, while not yet earning enough to leave the dayjob. I started my blog after I got an agent in 2003, to keep track of my attempts to make it in the writing world - and have been reading this site (among others) since about then. You, Crazy Rogers, John August, Wild Bill Cunningham, Lee Fanfic Goldberg, Paperback Writer, and a couple of others have been pretty much checked daily these past few years, and very helpful you've all been, too. So, er, thanks. You guys rock.

More recently, I've added Danny Stack, Monkey Friedman, Artful Writer, and Warren Ellis to the "daily check" folder - it's not procrastinating, it's research. Hopefully next year I'll be writing full time, so I can visit even more websites before hitting the keyboard. I should have emailed this, it's far too long. I'm posting it anyway, though, so there. Me me me!

By Blogger James Moran, at 5:30 PM  

I'm an Australian university student who has absolutely no credits to her name (so far) but loves writing and filmmaking. Like James, I consider the writer's blogs (particularly yours) I visit to be research, not procrastination.

And, um, I'm getting your book for Christmas. :) I'd like to thank you for this blog, it's informative and funny, and I really enjoy reading about your experiences. - Jak

By Blogger Wayward, at 6:28 PM  

Joshua James - playwright and screenwriter, based in New York City at present, hope to head west when convenient - I wish to write for both screens, large and small, in addition to theatre -

On my blog, The Daily Dojo, I talk about a variety of things, politics and drama primarily, especially the new york independent theatre scene - if that interests you, check out my section TALKIN' SMACK ABOUT THEATRE - it's a lot of fun -

Thanks for the shout out - I lurk here every day, but haven't registered to comment - first time!

By Blogger Joshua James, at 8:55 PM  

I'm a non-screenwriting lurker - just interested in a glimpse behind the scenes, since I want to understand what I appreciate. One of my favourite soapboxes is that onscreen talent gets all the glory, while writers don't get the credit they deserve.

By Blogger Diane Kristine, at 11:18 PM  

Screenwriter, strictly small-time so far. Created & Plotted an ARG for the BBC, several US specs in the bag and currently working on a horror film.

Paid for comedy sketches & interactive video scripts.

By Blogger Piers, at 6:48 AM  

I posted it on my blog so I can tell everyone who I am.

Who is shecanfilmit?

I lurked way longer than I've been blogging here myself. I love your book! I've been rereading it again this week.

By Blogger shecanfilmit, at 12:32 PM  

You know me - Cape Town, SA. Oh, and CJ finally comes to our screens in January: Sundays at 9:00...not exactly the primo spot. Opposite the Mnet weekly movie, which is probably more our target audience. Ah well, at leastI finally get to see the finished product.

By Blogger African Den, at 1:09 AM  

I'm another South African, though I'm up in Johannesburg. I'm a genre girl and I can't wait for Charlie Jade to air here Jan 8th. I stumbled across this blog, and then dutifully bought Crafty screenwriting, but I had no idea Charlie Jade had South African connections until I stumbled into Sasani Studios (the complex where I work) and saw the Charlie Jade poster up. I'm nowhere near good enough to even call myself an amateur screenwriter, but I think I’m persistent to get there someday. For some reason, I want to move to Vancouver, land of other genre shows I want to watch :)

Thanks for the great posts

By Blogger Roon, at 1:25 PM  

I am a girl writer with two dogs, no job and one serious attitude problem who lives in Hollywood, near the sign. But I do take lots of meetings. And people are saying very good things about me. Oh, wait, you already knew all that. Let's see, something you don't know...if screenwriting doesn't work out, I'd like to work at Home Depot. I'm fascinated by wallpaper and the orange apron is very slimming.

By Blogger Julie Goes To Hollywood, at 9:12 PM  

I want to write and direct feature films. Recently, in the last few months, I've gotten interested in television writing, something I previously didn't consider. But I love television what can be done with the medium. I'm working on some specs.

I'm 22, still working on my college degree and currently working a movie studio mailroom, doing it old school. That probably won't last too long if I want to finish my degree. We'll see what happens.

Thank you for the time and energy you put into this blog, I really appreciate the glimpses into the life of a working writer.

By Blogger af, at 1:44 AM  

me? just an Anti-Statistic, trying to smooth me some pavement so my sons, daughters, nieces and nephews don't hit as many potholes as i have.

NYC is home, but i'm working towards the Tri-Coastal lifestyle (LA, Miami and La Gran Manzana).

did the print thing as a writer and editor for a few years. music mag. hip-hop, to be exact. but that had always been "the day job," despite the inherent soapbox from which to run my mouth.

during my run at the mag, managed to moonlight and landed an animated series on MTV. producing, writing, voiceover.

fun. lots. but we sold it as a weekly and they bought it as a daily, so that grind gave me lessons in production that current film students are going into serious debt for.

decided i'd rather be IN the parade as opposed to cleaning up elephant history afterwards, so left the print world almost 4 years ago.

have done some video game work. some TV. some indy.

read your book about a year .5 ago, and treat it as my go-to (along with Brody's "Television Writing From the Inside Out"), and i check your blog semi-regularly.

makes me more of a lurker than anything else, i guess. but appreciative nontheless.

so, if i haven't said so by now, thanks for the blog, man. it's an inspiration in itself.

By Blogger carlito, at 7:20 PM  

(I'm a little late to this thread, having been on a mostly web-free road-trip for the last week, but...)

My name's Adam. I'm a freelance Mac guy in New York City, where I live with my girlfriend, our two dogs, and a whole lot of bikes. I've been reading your blog for about a month. The reading follows from my decision to get serious (or seriously unserious, or productively amused) about screenwriting, so I can transition out of tech and into making a living at what I love. I desire neither a mansion or a yacht. I simply want to live my dream, or go down trying.

To this end, I'm working up a couple of spec scripts: a man's-best-friend romantic-action-comedy, about to start its second draft; and a late-embrace-of-life drama, that will begin its first. By this time next year, I plan to have one or both looking sharp enough that I can take them out to L.A. and shop myself around.

I'm studying screenplay construction with an NYC-based script doctor, who's helping me get a handle on my technique. Equally helpful have been Kung Fu Monkey, Dead Things on Sticks, By Ken Levine, johnaugust.com, Fun Joel, Julie Goes to Hollywood, this blog, and others, as much for the glimpses into their authors' personalities as for matters of business or style. More than anything, the sympathetic vibe I get from these writers encourages me to continue. After ten years in tech, feeling like a fake who's about to be found out, I think I'll find a home among these brilliant fakers.

So thanks for writing, and for writing about it.


By Blogger Adam, at 11:27 AM  

My name's David Bishop and I'm an ex-pat New Zealander living in the UK, studying Screenwriting at the new Scottish Film Academy (they haven't build the academy yet - work starts next spring). I'm been writing as a living for 20 years: five as a daily newspaper journalist in NZ, ten as a comics editor in London (on the Judge Dredd Megazine and 2000 AD, where I hired Andy Diggle as my assistant), and the last five as a freelancer in Scotland. I've had 12 novels published - no, wait, 13, the latest one has just come out - with three more on the way.

My dream job? Let me write an episode of Doctor Who for TV and I can die happy. Well, not happy, I'd much prefer to discover I'm immortal, but at least with a big fat ambition fulfilled. My two worst vices: research as procrastination and envy. The latter's like Facehugger blood - it burns, it burns.

Like many writers, I blog as work displacement and pressure valve release. My pointless ramblings can be found at http://viciousimagery.blogspot.com/

By Blogger David Bishop, at 2:44 AM  

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