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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lisa doesn't like to watch dark dramas. This is putting a serious crimp in my TV watching this season. They're all pretty much dark premises: Kidnapped, Lost, Standoff, Jericho, Three Moons over Milford, and even those shows whose premises would not necessarily need to be dark, like Heroes, are pretty dark. We bailed on Grey's for the opposite sin (it just got silly) and I hear Gilmore Girls without the Palladinos isn't cutting it.

Are there any good dramas out there where no one is in regular danger of being killed?


Las Vegas? Ugly Betty? Studio 60? 6 Degrees (for the time being, anyway)?

I see your point, Alex. I have an index card I keep on my desk which lists the 40-45 prime time shows I must tape and watch every week, and the above examples are the only ones I could find where the main cast isn't in imminent danger of being killed in any given ep (maybe Las Vegas should be taken off that list?). BTW, I like dark dramas and fantasy/sci-fi. It's pretty much all I watch.

By Blogger Kelly J. Compeau, at 2:00 PM  

I'm still debating "6 Degrees", but it's worth checking out. and I'm not sure if I could stomach Calista Flockhart as a right-wing television personality, but I've heard decent things about "Brothers & Sisters".

I think "What About Brian" is coming back soon, but hopefully it's been re-adjusted.

By Blogger Your gracious host, at 3:36 PM  

Friday Night Lights is great.

By Blogger Jutratest, at 5:10 PM  

Don't waste your time with Jericho anyway. It's a thinly veiled propoganda show spouting the paranoid rantings of the current administration - factual errors and all.

By Blogger Gordo Guru, at 12:45 PM  

I did like Ugly Betty, though it has the potential to get silly if they aren't careful.

The Nine is really good, and manages to hook you in a way that the first (and second) episode of Six Degrees did not. That said, I fear someone is facing imminent death.

I've seen the first episode of Dexter, which premieres next week and it is FANTASTIC but very very dark, so I guess you won't be watching it either. I cannot recommend it highly enough as my pick of the litter for the new season.

Shark is also better than I hoped it would be. My natural inclination is to dislike James Woods but I am begrudgingly admitting that he and the whole cast are pretty great in it. Now if only Justice would rise to their level (what were they thinking casting Kerr Smith in that role?!).

I am liking Vanished, but again, quite dark. And more because of the cast than the storylines, which I fear are a little weak. Kidnapped is just not great. I'm forcing myself to watch it in the hopes that it redeems itself. Again, great cast, good concept, but kind of a poor execution of it all.

I see you point about the darkness ... note to self: start writing more lighthearted and frivilous non-serial drama and be ready for the turning tide.

By Blogger Caroline, at 1:36 AM  

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