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Monday, February 19, 2007

But one of these days I hope to figure it out.

We didn't win the Jutra for Best Screenplay (the only award Bon Cop got was Best Editing, which in context is a sort of backhanded award), but I can really say I was delighted just to be nominated. The Jutras are, after all, the awards for Québec's French cinema.

The Steadicam guys seemed to cluster near me -- I was on the leftmost aisle, two rows back from the front -- so I was on camera a lot, I'm told. (You could see the transmission on giant screens high up, but I couldn't look up at them while the lenses were poking at me, could I?) I can only presume all the exposure was the result of my borrowing Dad's snazzy tux. Almost everyone else had a regular tie on, which makes a tux look like a suit. Which is a drag, because the whole point of a tux is to look like you are dressed up not for work.

In keeping with my habit of posting the thank you speeches I don't get to give, here's my intended Jutra speech, grammatical errors and all:
C'est un honneur d'être parmi vous ce soir.

Je voudrais remercier Kevin et Patrick and Erik d'avoir confiance en moi que je pourrais leur aider avec un scénario déjà super.

Ma femme: sans elle, je ne serais rien.

Mon agent Nathalie Brunet: sans elle, je ne ferais rien.

Et surtout la publique Québecoise, qui nous a permis d'effacer la honte que le premier film du box office canadien, depuis '82, était Porky's.
I contemplated the past subjunctive for that last ... shouldn't it be fusse? or something? But that just goes to show you what a hopeless combination of academic knowledge and ignorance is my French.

(My favorite sentence I ever worked out is: Que vouliez-vous que je foutasse? Still haven't had cause to use it. )

Well. Next year in Jerusalem, as we like to say. (Not to be confused for actual travel plans.)

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Sorry that you didn't win. Maybe next time :)

My dad loves Porky's !

By Blogger Skyfleur, at 1:36 AM  

Does that mean "What would you like me to milk?" or is there some crazee quebecois stuff in there. (Or equally possible I've forgotten how to speak French!)

Also - I recommend you check out the Sexeteria while in Jerusalem.

By Blogger Adam, at 10:21 AM  

The sentence Alex hasn't been able to place yet means : what the hell would you have me do (done ?) or something very similar. I never remember the tenses equivalence and I censored myself cause "foutre" is a strong verb in slang ;). So I guess your french has been lost somewhere :D

By Blogger Skyfleur, at 5:19 AM  

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