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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Q. I am currently editing a 80 minute movie that I've shot. I want enter New Directors/New Films 2008 and am hoping to get critic review to get recognition and land an agent/manager.

The movie is in Hindi so subtitling is needed. My plan is to make it to as many film festivals as possible and get reviews there. I've shot it on DV. How do I move ahead from here?
Sounds like you're on the right track. Get your film subtitled, which ought to be no problem on DV. Submit it to festivals, particularly those that show a lot of international films. It ought to be pretty easy to find lists of film festivals on the Net -- maybe a reader here will send us a link. Check out last year's films at that festival. If there's something from Israel and something from China and something from Afghanistan, you've got the right festival for a film in Hindi.If your film is a comedy, check out comedy film festivals. If your film is about kids, check out San Sebastiane. Etc.

New Directors / New Films is not bad because it shows films from "Hungary to Haiti, China to Angola, Mexico to Morocco, Italy to Japan." But it also shows only 22 films or so. You want to hit festivals that show 220 films.

Ganesha willing, you get accepted at some festivals and get some good write-ups or even win awards. Then you can approach international distributors -- again, check out films like yours and see who distributed them.

And you're off to the races. Good luck!

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2 Comments: is a pretty good resource for finding festivals (they even list some screenwriting comppetitions).

It's one of the resources that the company I work for uses on a regular basis.

There are a couple of other festival lists I've stumbled across in the past, but most of them are woefully out of date. I'll see if I can dig one up and post it later.

By Blogger Peter, at 1:04 PM  

For any Dubbing and Subtitling requirements do visit us

Lawrence Vishnu
Media Movers, Inc.

By Blogger mediamovers, at 3:36 AM  

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