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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I just got this from Tim Lambert:
I work for Abbot Management- a Screenplay Management and Representation Company. We currently employ 15 Readers and do something unique in the entertainment industry - in that we always share with writers who submit material to us the coverages that we recieve on their work. Everyday we are sending out multiple packets to screenwriters saying something along the lines of - I'm sorry Alex, we're passing on your work, however I'm attaching the 4 coverages we recieved on your script so you can see what our readers felt worked / didnt work in your material.

I feel that its an incredibly valuable resource to screenwriters - and I was hoping that you would consiter adding a link to our website,, on your page.
Tim promises me that they will never charge a coverage fee, so this is a pretty good service. If they sell your stuff, they get a cut. They have what they feel is a new approach to database technology:
We've been around approxomitly Four months - and for the the past three months we have been working with a team of database programers who have been building us a pretty radical content management system complete with a readers / screenwriters / buyers / and administrator login. Among other things, it allows us to sort by every screenplay that fits certain criteria - ex: low budget horror - and will display loglines, coverages etc. We then have a database of producers / production companies that three individuals have been working full time for there months putting together - and using this database we're able to sort by, for example, production companies that make low budget horror.
I'm not endorsing this company, as they haven't even gone "live" yet, so they have no track record. But you may be interested in hearing their feedback...



Is there any other way for a writer without representation of some sort to get feedback like this? If this is for real, could there be a better resource for an aspiring writer?

Or is this equivalent to me offering to return my coverage on any scripts I don't want to buy? (i.e.: worthless)

By Blogger Tom, at 1:24 AM  

Desite the "never charge for coverage", they do. I hope their coverage has been "clinically proven" to be helpful, and so on with the media hype routine.

By Blogger C. M. Albrecht, at 3:38 PM  

I just read the part where they will "never charge for coverage". Just like a television commercial. They should at "clinically proven", "European formula finally available in Hollywood", stuff like that. They DO charge a fee for coverage; they simply fail to mention that until you've finished with your submission. They do point out that the fee is not for them to make money; the implication is that it's for the UNPAID Craig's List readers they pick up, and postage for the E-MAIL coverage they send out.

By Blogger C. M. Albrecht, at 3:43 PM  

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