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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still searching for even a used Korean copy of Crafty Screenwriting (aka "Laws of Success: Scenario"), I found this enchanting review:
이 책은 선수용 실전 매뉴얼이다. 당신이 이제 막 시나리오를 쓰려고 마음먹었거나 초고를 막 완성한 사람이라면 이 책의 효용은 그리 크지않다. 만일 당신이 단막극 한 편이나 영화 한 편 정도를 써서 프로듀서의 평가를 받은 적이 있다면 이 책의 가치는 정말로 크다. 경험을 하지 않은 사람은 도저히 알 수 없는 실전적인 지침들이 가득하기 때문이다.

만약 당신이 현재 방송계, 영화계에서 이름이 통하는 프로페셔널이라면 이 책은 대단히 유용하다. 특히 경험에서 얻은 지혜이지만 그것이 과연 옳은 것인지 확신하지 못할 때 이 책은 아주 유용하다. 실무를 경험한 사람들만이 느낄 수 있는 등 뒤의 가려운 부분을 제대로 긁어주기 때문이다. 책을 덮은 다음 당신은 '내 생각이 옳았다.'이거나 '이런 생각도 있을 수 있구나'하고 고개를 주억거릴 것이다.
I have actually no idea what this says.


My Korean is old and rusty, but it basically seems to say that it's not a good book for beginners or people who've just decided to start writing screenplays. It's a valuable book for professional writers to confirm things they've learned through experience, though. You can say, "Oh, yeah, I've had that thought, too!"

Something along those lines, anyway.

By OpenID fightingcommiesforhealthinsurance, at 1:42 PM  

Hmmm. That's less positive than I thought!

By Blogger Alex Epstein, at 2:06 PM  

According to Google Translate...

This book is an athletic practice manuals. You just decided to write a scenario, or anyone who has completed a draft of the book just is not large for the utility. Pyeonyina you one-act play by writing about a movie producer, if you have received the assessment of the value of this book is really great. For those who did not experience hardly unknown, because gadeukhagi practical guidelines.

If you are currently broadcasting, cinema, through the name of the book is very useful if professionals. Especially the wisdom gained from experience, but are not sure whether it's really the right thing this book is very useful. Only people who have experienced hands can feel the itch and after scratching is because part correctly. Covered book then you 'and I was right.' Or 'I know I can be thought' and will jueokgeoril head.

By Blogger Nicholas, at 3:39 PM  

I always said Epstein's biggest problem was his jueokgeoril head.

By Blogger DMc, at 7:06 PM  

Hmm, the Korean cover looks like the poster for a K-horror film about a cursed typewriter. ACes!

By Blogger DAVID BISHOP, at 4:14 AM  

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