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Thursday, April 28, 2011


As part of the bizarre birther saga, this Daily Mail article includes an interesting chart of different shows and how they skew on Red v. Blue. As you'd expect, football fans skew relatively Republican and 60 Minutes watchers skew Democratic. For some reason, Celebrity Apprentice fans are almost off the chart skewing Democratic.

I love that they have this information. I wonder how FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS skews?

(Personally I'm with the people who suspect the President of releasing his long-form birth certificate precisely to keep the birther meme alive, so it, and Donald Trump, can continue to suck the oxygen out of the Republican nomination race. The serious Republican candidates have to be going insane with frustration that a cartoon candidate, whose Republican bona fides are practically nonexistent, is grabbing all the headlines, just when they thought they'd hung up enough garlic to keep Sarah Palin out of the house. But that's another story.)



I find quite a bit of the chart perplexing. No one who's Republican and doesn't vote watches TV? Do Republicans watch Big Bang Theory ironically? I'm so confused.

By Blogger Little Miss Nomad, at 1:36 AM  

I agree on the birther thing. It dragged on among the wingnut right for a long time, where it was visible only to people who follow politics outside of election season. But Trump has a larger following outside politics than inside, so when he started his rant on the topic -- making himself and all other birthers look like fools -- the politically indifferent masses got a taste of birther nonsense. Sooner or later, the indifferent masses would tire of the nonsense and it would disappear.

Releasing the long form now makes the birthers look absolutely stupid to anyone who is looking, except to people who are already committed birthers. And thanks to Trump, far more people are looking than before. Now the birthers look stupid to a much larger audience.

It's possible that Obama just happened to choose this moment because he got fed up with the nonsense. But since it's really hard to imagine a better time to do it, I think it's likely that he chose it with that reasoning in mind.

Some might think that choosing this moment because it's the ideal time is playing a political game. I would agree. But it also shows smarts, and it never hurts to remind people you're smart, as long as you're leaving it to others to make that observation, since shouting out, "I'm smart!" looks tacky.

By Blogger Steve, at 8:02 AM  

Everyone in politics is playing a political game. It's political to stand up and shout "that's political." Pretending that the President isn't an American is, obviously, extremely political.

That's how the game is played!

By Blogger Alex Epstein, at 9:46 AM  

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