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Monday, January 09, 2012

Montréal, le 9 janvier 2012 - La Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) annonce la tenue d’une session d’information le mercredi 11 janvier 2012 à 16 h 30. Cette session est destinée à la clientèle intéressée à déposer en production, secteur Jeunes créateurs. La rencontre se tiendra dans les locaux de la SODEC, au 215, rue St-Jacques, 8e étage à Montréal.

Cette séance, d’une durée approximative de 90 minutes, vise à préparer le dépôt des projets au programme d’aide en production des jeunes créateurs du 20 janvier prochain. Le délégué à l’accueil des projets à la direction du cinéma et de la production télévisuelle, M. Alain Rondeau, sera sur place afin d’informer la clientèle sur les exigences du programme, répondre aux questions et aider les demandeurs à la préparation d’une demande.

Les personnes intéressées doivent s’inscrire auprès de madame Djina Victoria-Hall au 514 841-2296 ou par courriel à Pour plus d’information, veuillez consulter le site Internet de la SODEC au

If you're a "young creator" in Québec (ça veut dire under 36), whether franco or anglo, this is a terrific program for getting funding for your projects. Definitely check it out.



Have you read "Save the Cat" by Blake Snyder. After reading it, I still came up with a question regarding my script "I Miss Me." I was wondering if you would be kind enough to provide me your advice.

My script has an A, B and (I think) a C story. In the book, Snyder did not mention a C story, so I was wondering if I can introduce a new set of characters at the midpoint, pg. 55? These characters seem to sharpen the focus of my protagonist and also are the catalyst for the All is Lost moment on pg. 75.

My logline is: A young, ruthless attorney who has it all suddenly becomes the victim of a near-fatal hit-and-run, which sends him on a soul-searching trek to reverse his bad karma and rekindle the relationship with his parents, but he happens to find love along the way.

A story: Calvin (the attorney's) discovery of who he really is and what is more important to him - money/all the women he can get or to be a quality person and find the one true love of his life.

B story: Ava - the woman he falls in love with. (Which is really explored in the Fun and Games section.)

C story: Calvin helps a young girl, Addy, with PTSD who refuses to speak aloud to regain her voice and confidence. This is also his idea of a selfless act to help reverse his bad karma.

So, what I was struggling with is determining if I can introduce these characters Addy/mother Delila at the midpoint as the "false victory". Addy, reminds him of his sister Ally who died of Leukemia. So, saving this girl symbolically provides him an opportunity to save his sister and to perform a selfless act.

However, at the All is Lost moment, Addy's mother, Delila, has developed feelings for Calvin and decides to impulsively kiss him. This is the very moment that Ava (Calvin's love) walks in the house and sees them "kissing". Already jealous of the relationship Calvin has with Addy/Delila, she won't listen to reason - that Calvin didn't initiate the kiss. So, Ava leaves Calvin.

I would greatly appreciate your advice on whether or not I can introduce this C story of Addy/mother Delila at the midpoint to the script, or even when I should begin the C story. Thank you, thank you!!

By Blogger ChelseaZotta, at 10:41 AM  

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