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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Friend of the Blog Guy Goldstein writes:
I'm a screenwriter and I created a website,, where real voice actors will perform scripts on-line. You get a full audio performance for your own edification, as well as to share with friends, agents, etc. (though scripts are private by default). It's free for the first month (no credit card required), and extremely cheap after that (less than $5/month).
Q. How many scripts can you have read during a month? How does that work?
Essentially as many as you want - 6 scripts at a time in the max plan, and up to 90 total revisions. Only one person's hit the limit, and we boosted them. How it works:
  1. Upload a script. We instantly perform it using computer voices, automatically cast by age and gender.
  2. Describe the script and characters you'd like cast for real. We recommend our "optimal" cast, but you can cycle through many options.
  3. Typically within a day or two you'll start getting actors performing their roles.
  4. You can review the recordings and add notes to any lines you want changed (or love!).
  5. Once it's ready, optionally add music/sound effects and share it. You can even track when guests access your script (and see how far they get).
Q. How can you possibly make any money doing this? Or even break even?
Short answer: it'll be tough. We're hoping that word of mouth (and helpful bloggers!) will get us enough sign-ups that we stop leaking money. We're doing an introductory price right now, which will go up slightly (but fyi anyone who signs up soon and sticks with us can keep the current offer). 
We also have plans for premium read-through services, but that's mostly to get actors paid (right now they're volunteer).
Long-term, we're hoping that studios will use ReadThrough to receive script submissions. By the time we transform the whole industry's script reviewing process, hopefully we'll have figured out how to make a few bucks ourselves. Or fled the country. 
But right now my focus is to make something really useful. Hope you'll try it for yourself!
Okay, so this is a classic insane Internet business plan. They are offering to record a reading of your script for nothing, but they'll make it up on volume.

 However, this is a huge opportunity for you guys to hear your scripts read out loud by actors. I highly recommend you guys try out this service before they come to their senses and realize they're giving away a service that's worth at least $250.


I looked at their website. It's neat and it seems they put a good effort for this idea to come through.

However, I doubt they'll make money out of this. There are several reasons but let's put only two.

First, if people really, really want to hear their script they can record their own voice for free.

Second, actors won't volunteer forever. Once they ask to get paid you lose a big chunk of your earnings.

By Blogger Iron Fist, at 2:16 PM  

I read the post then immediately uploaded my screenplay. The biggest advantage...YOU GET A DIFFERENT TAKE ON THE LINES. I've been pleasantly surprised how much they bring to the lines. And, the actors take direction really well. I've given them direction on lines that were delivered counter to my intention and they were so pleased to change to lines and take the direction. GREAT deal. It's like a read through, but you don't have to buy everyone pizza afterwards. And, you get some time to work with the actors...try doing that before a read through.

By Blogger Timothy Strader, at 3:50 PM  

It is a very interesting idea. And they will either go bankrupt or change the business for good.

By Blogger jedi lost, at 7:59 AM  

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