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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Over the weekend, one of Hunter's friends came over with DVD's of The Family Guy. Wow, is that not a kids' show. Half the jokes are so racy they are, fortunately, wayyyy over the kids' heads. What was Fox thinking, putting that on the air at 9 pm?

We let Hunter and his friend watch it because the jokes were over their heads -- they mostly didn't seem to have a clue that those were jokes -- and because I'm not a big believer in restricting the racy stuff. I'm not sure how it hurts a kid to see a "big ass pinata" that turns out to be a pinata of a big, fat, pink ass. If he starts saying "big-ass" a lot in school, it'll come back to us, but so far Hunter seems very capable of distinguishing between what people do in movies and on TV, and what's appropriate for him to do.

But if I were coming up with a prime time show, I don't think I would feel right writing the stuff this show airs, knowing it was going on the air at 9.


My dad was fond of exposing me to "content" that might be considered too mature for my age, but he did it meaningfully, with him always there, and with explanations afterward. If you make it an adult to adult type of thing, without being condescending, then it can really open a person's mind.

I think back to when my friends in school were sneaking around to see some soft-core scene in a R-rated movie, and I was watching Jacob's Ladder with my dad and discussing things from different representations of the psyche in media to the effects of Vietnam on those who were there.

It's not wrong to assist in broadening the horizons of your children, it's just difficult to find good material these days to do so.

On a side note, my girlfriend is a year older than me, and she saw Family Guy for the first time the other day, and most of the jokes were over her head too.

By Blogger Brian P. Gefrich, at 12:43 AM  

I love Family Guy and can't wait for its return in May, but it's definitely not for young'ns. Shows like that have ruined my interest in most sitcoms....the laugh track on sitcoms eats up so much time that there are fewer jokes, fewer laughs, less interest. Family Guy just keeps the jokes going...

The show's return also shows the power of the DVD. The show didn't hit huge numbers but when the DVD sales were so huge it was a no brainer to start the show back up again.

By Blogger Jeff, at 3:00 AM  

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