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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Had a busy long weekend -- wasn't really a holiday, but Hunter's school had the day off for no particularly good reason, so we had him and a friend over all Monday, so it felt like one. When you're both writers, you can be flexible.

We did, however, get some good work done on Billy Wes. But I keep thinking of that as Lisa's project. It's not really, but I want her to do as much of the writing as possible. That's partly because it's more efficient and I like to delegate, but it's more because she has a unique voice, and a real feel for the characters, who have been living in her head for twenty years. If I take it over, I'm scared it will become more standard-issue. I know what the go-to plot devices are, and she doesn't. The go-to plot devices work, but I'd rather we come up with fresher stuff.

I'm also waiting for Lisa to re-outline Crafty TV Writing for the book proposal. I wound up writing 45 some-odd pages, which is not an outline, it's an extended pamphlet. I need her to boil it down -- I know too much, while she's closer to what the publishing house editor who will read the outline knows.

Which leaves me without an official current project. I got some good notes from my friend Jamie on Unseen, as always, but they're not more than a few hours' work, I don't think. I could go take another look at the Unseen TV pitch, but it's in pretty good shape. I'm waiting for negotiations to proceed on Exposure. In other words I have one script and one series pitch in the bank, waiting to go out.

What's next? That's the question. What should Alex write so he doesn't go bonkers?

I should think about TV pitches. But like most people I find it hard to just think about stuff in the abstract. It's easier to do that with someone. Which means Lisa (if I wanna keep it in the family!), but she's got work to do. Aside from Billy Wes and my outline, mind, she has her own nonfiction book to write -- with a deadline looming in August!

So I'm a bit at loose ends. I've been noodling around with this blog and my website, looking for interesting resources -- like the fabulous On Writing series at the WGA East website --- good, but too short. There's stuff on the WGA West website, but it's not as in depth -- there are fewer real insider details. Anyway, reading does not satisfy the itch.



Maybe you would be interested in plugging into the making of Land of OpportuniTV, a startup comedy about making America the Silicon Valley of customized lifelong learning and career services, the global market that Peter Drucker says will be the biggest over the next 30 years

Details coming online at


Land of OpportuniTV will be set at The Opportunity Services Group (OSG), a startup provider of CLLCS. The show will center on my comic plight as OSG's CEO: like many men, I want to succeed in my professional life and also be the best boyfriend, and later husband and father, I can. In my case, achieving this balance:

* is complicated by the magnitude of the stakes in the early market for CLLCS

* will be further complicated by company-affiliated actresses, who will routinely seek to make a very favorable impression on me with their beauty, their charms more generally, and the latest innovations from the burgeoning sciences of enhancing desirability


Lots more to tell if the above is of interest...

Beyond this, really good stuff on this blog, and in the FAQ. Thanks kindly for the many insights.


By Blogger Frank Ruscica, at 8:07 PM  

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