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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Lee Goldberg refs news stories about Marcie Wright, an agent who apparently repeatedly pocketed checks meant for her clients. Since your agent typically cashes your check, subtracts commission, and then cuts you a check for 90%, that's possible in the short run. But how did she figure she was going to get away with it? When the client didn't get the money, was she just going to convince him that the studio had stiffed him and expect him never to contact the studio? We're talking about payments in the $150,000 range. I mean, forget those pesky kids in the Mystery Mobile. What was her plan?

I always assume something's seriously affecting the person's common sense, such as drugs or alcoholism. I understand how grifters figure they're going to take someone's money and then disappear. But Hollywood is not that big a town. You can't hide. You can't even run.

One of my good friends here is a producer who's had some bad breaks lately. But he stays alive because he's never shafted anyone. So people are willing to keep working with him. Those guys who go around shafting people, the moment they catch some bad cards, they're going down.


I thought I read somewhere that she had mental problems, which could contribute to her having thought she could get away wth it.

It would be easy for my agent to steal my money because I am lousy with that kind of bookkeeping. Hopefully she never figures this out...

By Blogger Jeff, at 8:19 PM  

Hey I just saw that you are writing "Crafty TV Writing" !!! I have your "crafty Screenwriting" and I am quite happy with it !!
I am glad to know that you have written a few TV shows already as you can write from this experience... it also makes it worthwhile for me to buy your newest book !!!!

Please don't disappear from us again with regards to your blog :) it makes me feel like I'm in touch with some 'sanity'.. ;)

Sorry to post anon. don't need an account here.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:11 PM  

The irony of Marcie Wright's crime and punishment (and the mileage Marc Cherry has gotten from it) is that, as a producer, I found her professional, collaborative, encouraging, resourceful and nice. Being an indie producer is very cold and she always brought warmth and good ideas to the table. Plus she represented material that was a cut above. She was also one of the first in the agenting community to copy her clients work on both sides with the admonition "DO NOT RETURN THIS. SAVE OR DISCARD." Very environmental and hip. Sad that she succumed to the temptations. While I never met her face to face, it was always apparent that Marcie Wright had and has a good soul and there is a reason for everything.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:37 PM  

As the "other" client officially embezzled by Wright (yes, there were actually more), I notice that the anonymous blogger above has a similar writing style to Marcie Wright, and here repeats a frequent complaint from Wright that Marc is "getting mileage" from the incident. Sociopaths often come off as warm and friendly, and Wright's act was a good one, but sometimes, the truth sneaks out, and as far as that good soul, at a time before we discovered Wright's theft, we told her we were going to ask that instead of giving us gifts from now on, people contribute to a charity we supported or one of their own. Her response was, "Screw that: I want a new kitchen!" In a way, she probably got her wish: it seems likely that during her five months in county jail, she would've spent some time working in their kitchen.

By Blogger Robert, at 12:14 AM  

Agreed! I had to work with her, she would compliment me on how great a job I did then 10min later she would come in screaming and cussing me out, then go out and buy me lunch. But never would she apologize for her behavior. Marcie too what she wanted and had expensive taste at the expense of her clients.

By Blogger Janette Reid, at 6:20 PM  

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