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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Has anyone else noticed various glitches in Final Draft 7? Such as:

-- sometimes you can put accents in, sometimes you can't;
--entire screen going blank and needing to be refreshed;
--if you have two CHARACTER elements, e.g. DAVID and DAVID AND MARTIN, Smartype will always try to insert the longer one, regardless which one is more common.
--if your cursor is in the middle of a CHARACTER, PARENTHETICAL or TRANSITION element, hitting return won't split the line. It won't do anything at all.
--if you delete a scene using the "delete" key, the scene number will attach to the last line of the previous scene.
--if you cut and paste dual dialog, all your formatting will go to hell in a handbasket and you'll have to reformat the entire script.

On the whole my biggest problem is the program was dreadfully slow in Tiger.

But now I'm having very weird and scary bugs where if I delete a word in the middle of a line, the formatting changes. Yikes. I may have to learn Screenwriter after all.


I have FD to be very buggy, in general. I have encountered most of the problem you describe and they drive me absolutely nuts! In fact, it makes me almost angry that such a major company can release a buggy product -- and apparently not do anything about it.

If you use a Mac, I suggest taking a look at Movie Magic Screenwriter. If you use a PC, I suggest trying to become a beta tester for the new Sophocles 2005 software which is extraordinary.

I have been totally unhappy with FD for the last two versions.

By Blogger Andrew, at 1:50 PM  

Make sure you have the latest updates. I think they released a new patch just recently.

By Blogger Scott Squires, at 2:38 PM  

I use Movie Magic on my PC. I've only ever had one problem - getting around a default setting - so I called the tech support guy and he figured out the problem in ten minutes.

Never had any other problems with the program.

By Blogger emily blake, at 2:59 PM  

I use version 6 - it has that "cursor in the middle of a character element does nothing on Return" thing, too. I usually come across it when there's a rogue space at the end of a name, and I'm screaming at it to go to the next line, but it won't, and then I realise there's a space there, and think "oh yeah, it's that bug thing". Usually about twice a day, for several months now. I'm kinda slow sometimes.

By Blogger James Moran, at 4:40 PM  

Isn't it weird how these things happen to some and not others? Every time a new Mac OS update is released, I notice that there are lots of people who have problems which I've never experienced (knock on wood).

I've not experienced any of these things you're talking about, with regards to FD7 and I've been using it A LOT lately (with OS 10.4.2).

By Blogger Your gracious host, at 9:30 PM  

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