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Sunday, May 03, 2009

We had a lot of fun last night playing a board game with a couple of friends and their kids. Yes, a board game. LAST NIGHT ON EARTH is an awesomely fun game in which you are in the middle of a cheesy zombie movie. You are Betsy the Nurse or Jake Cartwright the Drifter or Sheriff Anderson or ... the zombies. Event cards you play against each other create the effect of zombie movie events. "Okay, I run past the crowd of zombies into the church--" "But the door is locked! Oh! Such bad luck for you!"

Which makes for a very fun evening.

In the end, the heroes torched three of the zombie spawning grounds, but not before Father Joseph had heroically died fighting off hordes of zombies, and it was a close run thing -- Jake the Drifter got to the last zombie spawning ground wounded, but he had Nurse Becky there to bind his wounds, but the zombies played Bickering on them so they wasted a whole turn arguing while the zombies closed in. And if he hadn't fended off that last zombie, he would never have been able to toss the last stick of dynamite...

Good fun.

UPDATE: Many stores are out of it at the moment, including storefronts and Amazon. You can buy it from Flying Frog. As you'd expect, the Growing Hunter expansion pack only works if you have the original game.



Sounds like a blast! Thanks for the recommendation.

By Blogger Kira, at 2:36 PM  

Oooh! Looks like my kinda thing. Is the game available at toy stores? Or just online?

By Blogger Xina, at 2:53 PM  

Very cool! Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to have to check this game out!

I love board games, and have been visiting the site BoardGameGeek for many years now. Looks like Last Night on Earth got some great reviews over there, too!

Currently, my favorite 2 board games are Carcassonne and Tigris & Euphrates. Carcassonne is SIGNIFICANTLY EASIER to learn & play than T&E... T&E is like chess on steroids. Carcassonne is more like a picture version of dominos.

By Blogger Scott Rose, at 3:30 PM  

There's really great pricing on Last Night On Earth (and other board games) at, although it's currently on backorder there.

By Blogger Scott Rose, at 6:42 PM  

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