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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dollhouse premieres Friday.

New shows, too. Eastwick premieres tonight.

What are you looking forward to? Dates and networks, please.



Castle - Last Monday on ABC
House - Last Monday on Fox
Dollhouse - You covered it
Big Bang Theory - Last Monday on CBS

(Add in Heroes and my DVR can't keep up on Mondays)

By Blogger Joe W., at 3:38 PM  


By Blogger Annoyed Screenwriter, at 9:30 PM  

Parks & Rec - NBC Thursdays (But trying to not get too attached as its numbers are dismal and Thurs. nights are brutal.)

FlashForward - ABC Thurs. [see above] Read the Sawyer book it's based on, curious what they do with it.

30 Rock - NBC Thurs. [mid-Oct.]

Better Off Ted - ABC Wednesdays in 2010 "after Dancing With the Stars' current season."(?) [I guiltily admit I've watched the latter show off and on recently.]

As a TV addict I wish there were more I actively looked forward to, especially hourlongs.

By Blogger amyp3, at 11:57 PM  

I saw the Flashforward pilot last night and am about to catch Eastwick. I'm looking forward to Dollhouse's premiere and the next ep of Glee.

Flashforward was a bit weird. I didn't get any sense of what this series would be about. It seemed to strongly hint that the future they saw was determined, so what now? We watch as it all unfolds, or do they try to stop the foreseen future? It was a bit cheesy all round, but I'll stick with it a while as the cliffhanger was great.

By Blogger Will, at 12:14 PM  

I think I'm going to become quite the couch potato this fall.

The Forgotten (ABC)
-Saw the first episode, I'm on the fence. Has potential I think.

Modern Family (ABC)
- Saw the first episode. HILARIOUS! Loved the Lion King baby introduction scene!

Eastwick (ABC)
- Saw the first episode, I'm on the fence. Felt forced. Rather than make the character his own, Paul Gross seemed to be doing a Nicholson impression.

Mercy (NBC)
- Made it through 15 min of the first episode. Yawn.

Flash Forward (ABC)
- Premieres tonight. CAN'T WAIT!

30 Rock (NBC)
- Loyal viewer...hope they don't disappoint...but is Tracey Morgan's character getting dumber by the episode?

The Office (NBC)
- Loyal viewer...liked the premiere episode this season, same classic MICHAEL SCOTT antics.

Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
-I plan to watch the first episode. JIM living in another man's body was a stretch last season, but we'll see where they go with it.

Family Guy (FOX)
-Still hilarious

I will definitely watch LOST (ABC) whenever that returns.

Oh and I can't wait for the Amazing Race (CBS) (one of the few respectable "reality" programs on the air).


By Blogger Victoria D., at 5:00 PM  

Fringe last Thursday, Fox
Stargate Universe, October 2nd, SyFy
Sanctuary, October 9th SyFy

By Blogger Lisa, at 11:55 PM  

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