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Saturday, April 29, 2006

This is a little presumptuous, but I'm a presumptuous guy, or I wouldn't be in this business, so I thought I'd post the speech I would have given if I had won a Canadian Screenwriting Award on Monday. (I didn't.) I had it all written out on tiny scraps of paper and all:
I'm honored to accept this award. Thank you.

I'm doubly honored because this is the third nomination for our series Naked Josh. I'm not sure which I'm happier about, winning this award, or the fact that this year our show got two out of the three nominations in our class. That’s almost like working on Corner Gas.

I have to share that part of the honor with my co-creator, Laura Kosterski, and our producer, André Béraud, who never accepted less than our best. I'd also like to thank Tara Ellis of Showcase for her outstanding vision in putting her money where our mouths were.

I also feel particularly honored because not only is the Canadian Screenwriting Award given by your peers. But it is one of the few awards in show business that’s based on the work the writer did, and not on what the director and editor and actors did. The Canadian Screenwriting Award is about nothing but the script. Which is a recognition that it all begins with the script. I'm not sure what my point is, but I think it has something to do with a nightmare I had where there was nothing to watch but Canadian Idol five nights a week. And the judges were making up their own jokes.

Finally I'd like to thank you all for letting me be part of our union. In the past few years I've asked the WGC to go to bat for me many times, and each time it's been the difference between a fair outcome and an ugly one. So I am honored simply to be part of this Guild, without which none of this would be possible. Thank you.
And I mean it. Even if I didn't win the award.

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Beautiful speech, dude. Maybe next year?

By Blogger Kelly J. Compeau, at 9:44 PM  

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