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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Q. I love your block, but -- any chance I can convince you to not make the post titles in all caps? I syndicate your blog into my Netvibes, and seeing a big thick stacks of capital letters hurts my soul. I'm sure I'm not the only one who think so.
Personally I like the caps 'cause they set the blog titles apart from the text. But I'm easy. Anyone else got an opinion on this?


I read it in a feedreader too and I don't care

As long as you don't use all-caps in the articles, it's fine to have them in the headings. I hadn't even noticed them.

By Blogger RodeoClown, at 7:27 PM  

That being said, if it doesn't bother anyone when they are 'normal' and it does when they are all-caps, why not change them?

By Blogger RodeoClown, at 7:28 PM  

I don't even know what feedreader I dig the caps. Like you said....they separate the titles from the rest of the blog.

I say keep 'em.

By Blogger Callaghan, at 7:50 PM  

I understand the motivation (offsetting the title from the body), but I would prefer normal capitalization.

By Blogger IA, at 8:00 PM  

All caps looks terrible.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:31 PM  

I used to be a graphic designer … all caps actually makes things less readable. Bold is better. :)

By Blogger glassblowerscat, at 10:49 PM  

I'm Switzerland on this one. I don't care, really. As long as you keep posting in English, I'll keep reading.

Can someone please explain what the heck feedreader is to this almost Amish girl?

By Blogger Caroline, at 11:25 PM  

I have to agree with the original questioner, the CAPS is kind of annoying, and bold or someother defining attribute would be better. :)


"Aggregators (or 'Feedreaders') reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check websites for updates, creating a unique information space or "personal newspaper." Once subscribed to a feed, an aggregator is able to check for new content at user-determined intervals and retrieve the update. The content is sometimes described as being "pulled" to the subscriber, as opposed to "pushed" with email or IM. Unlike recipients of some "pushed" information, the aggregator user can easily unsubscribe from a feed."

Wikipedia Entry on Feedreaders

By Blogger Jason Sanders, at 2:53 AM  

All caps are LESS readable because the letter shapes have less distinction. The ascenders, descenders and various shape differences are are what make letters recognizable to us.

I much prefer a color, font or weight change on a title to set it apart from the rest.

By Blogger Kody Chamberlain, at 10:42 AM  

I prefer that the titles are in a big, cartoony font and that they explode when I click them. I used to fill in for God (part time) when he went on fishing vacations so I'm pretty positive that my suggestion is the RIGHTEST... ever.

Yep, exploding titles. That would be really cool.

All caps is okay, too.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:09 PM  

oooooh yeah, exploding titles. That would rock too. I officially change my vote to exploding titles, but I insist there be a an echo and dogs howling somewhere in the distance about 30 second later.

By Blogger Kody Chamberlain, at 2:38 PM  

You guys are so great. Now can someone code that up in HTML for me, and I'll put it in my template?

By Blogger Alex Epstein, at 2:59 PM  

< explode >TITLE< /explode >

I don't care either, but it is a little jarring when I see the heads in my RSS reader.

By Blogger Diane Kristine, at 6:54 PM  

You could use CSS (the text-transform: uppercase property) to make the titles be all-caps on the blog, but normal case in the syndicated feed.

By Blogger Dotan, at 6:39 PM  

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