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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The past two weeks I’ve been primarily writing and recording (and occasionally editing) encounters. Also, more systemic barks, and more passive conversations you’ll overhear if you stealth around. (I don’t think any are in the game yet, but we’ve recorded a passel.)

Encounters are odd beasts. I get the bones of them from David. He’ll say something like “a bunch of Wastrels are cooking a rubber ducky in a stew pot. If you get the duck, you get a recipe for Rick the Stunt Duck.”

Then I’ll say, “Okay, what’s the nonlethal version?” (We have been making progress towards the functionality that would allow a nonlethal playthrough; I think you’ll see it working in the next build. Although playing nonlethally will be a huge challenge, I think it introduces a moral dimension to combat.) And David will say, okay, if you talk to all of them, you get the ducky. And if you talk to all of them the next day, you get something else.”

So now it’s in my court. Why are four Wastrels cooking a rubber duck? What do they think the ducky is? How does your talking to them make them give you the ducky? (And by “talking,” I actually mean, “clicking E to interact.”) What changes in their perspective on life now that they’ve given up their ducky? How can I make that ridiculous and yet somehow humanly truthful?

A fair amount of my job is retconning David’s designs. “If this made sense, what sort of sense would it make?”

Meanwhile, the team keep me busy with questions like “what should be scribbled on this rock” to “what should we call this park on the map” to “what’s the tooltip for a bucket? Okay, how about a bucket full of Motilene?” to “what do you hear when you pick up a phone in the Garden District?” to “what do you call the hole a Bobby pops out of?”


And here's our video from our PAXcapades:

Rest of the update here.



Can you please tell how to fill the bucket of motilene? I used the extractor on the leak near the pipe but that only fills empty power cells I can't find a way to fill the bucket and I don't know if it's the game glitch get out again (this is my 7th play through because of glitched missions) or if I'm just missing something. I did also complete the "looks like rain" mission where there is a ton of motilene on the ground but no way to pick it up. Please please advise, I would really like to keep this play through going, I found a lot of skill books & rare items and I don't want to over write my save again unless I absolutely have to. Getting faradays code is the only way to cross the next bridge so I'm stuck for now. Please help, this is the only website that even mentions " bucket of motilene ".

By Blogger Unknown, at 10:40 AM  

First of all, best place to ask this question is the Compulsion Forums for We Happy Few:. Lots of players are comparing notes.

I'm so sorry about the glitched missions you've experienced. We have been patching them like mad since they were discovered, and we're going to be issuing updates as we kill off bugs. That doesn't help your save game, though. In fact, to prevent an automatic update from killing your save game, you can turn off auto-update in Steam, and then open the game from Windows rather than through Steam; Steam will force you to update no matter what.

I think the way you fill the bucket is, there's a park in the Village with a Spanker, a control box, and a little gated-in part where there's a dead Wellie. I think you can fill it there. If that's wrong, ask on the forums. I know for sure you can fill it up because I've done it.

Regardless of whether that works, please post a note on the Forums. As far as I'm concerned, you obviously ought to be able to fill the bucket from a full power cell, and you obviously ought to be able to fill it by using the harvester on visible motilene spills. I say this sort of thing all of the time to the LD's, by the way; I want the world to make sense. Their natural tendency, which I'm sure 90% of level designers share, is to make you figure out not a solution that would work in the game world, but what solution is in their heads.

Please let me know how it turns out with the motilene!

By Blogger Alex Epstein, at 3:23 PM  

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