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Friday, October 14, 2005

... the White House stage-managed a videoconference between the President and some soldiers, where the President was to ask them questions about the war and get honest, unscripted answers. Only the White House turned on the satellite feed a little too early -- while the President's people were still coaching the handpicked soldiers on what they were supposed to say to the President.


Just once, I want to hear Scott McClellan come back from something like that and say, "Well, I guess I'm just a lying sack of s***, aren't I?"


Hi Alex,

Have a look at

In the article it says "But the only advice that the official was shown as giving was a suggestion to one solider to "take a little breath" before speaking to the president so he would actually be speaking to him. It was also stated that some of the soldiers practiced their comments so as to appear as articulate as possible. But there was no indication, or even allegation, that the soldiers were coached as to the substance of their comments or in any way instructed what to say."

Then we learn that the Today reporter faked her canoe gig. YSK TSK

By Blogger win, at 12:44 AM  

That's it Win, buy the party line. Hook, line and sinker... Damn, you people will swallow anything.

"no indication, or even allegation, that the soldiers were coached as to the substance of their comments or in any way instructed what to say"

Rigggghhhhttt. I'm sure that not one of those handpicked Captains were reminded that they were speaking to the CIC and that they all had careers and future promotions to think of. Wonder why the soliders were only of one rank, and didn't include a random sampling of oh, I dunno, the grunts actually dodging the bullets.

Of course, NO ONE said anything about not embarassing the CIC like ole' Rummy was embarrased when one of those heathen enlisted guys had the nerves (balls) to ask about the lack of proper armourment.

No, of course not. After all this is the administration that has been completely transparant about everything they've done and there's no whiff of anything like scandal coming from 1600 Penn Ave.

As for the supposed "stunt" on Today. What the hell has one got to do with the other? Now, all of a sudden, a second wrong give the first a pass? To be completely fair, it's the NEWS. Not a media event set up as an attempt to bolster support for a "war" started on npthing but vindictivness, innuendo and gossip.

Let's look at the facts:
Was she actually in the town where water was rising? Yes.

Was she reporting actual news? Yes.

Was this hidden or covered up? No.

Did she have a reasonable explaination... that her boss was sorried deeper waters might get her in trouble. Yes.

Was it right? No.

Does it excuse or condone what the White House staged?

Aw, hell, naw.

By Blogger writergurl, at 5:17 AM  

Don't listen to this shill. The event was staged. I saw the Pentagon Press Officer with my own eyes and heard what she told the soldiers with my own ears. And as it turns out, one of the "soldiers" in the group, the woman, is a Press Flack who rarely leaves her well guarded compoung in Tikrit. So much for talking freely to the boots on the ground.

Calling Bush a President is like calling Judy Miller a journalist. Both bring dishonor to an otherwise honorable profession.

By Blogger PJ McIlvaine, at 9:48 AM  

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