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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Okay, I'm working on some new taglines.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: How to Get Your Words on the Air

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Writing TV Shows That Get Made

CRAFTY TV WRITING: How to Write, Watch and Think about TV

CRAFTY TV WRITING: How Professional TV Writers Think About TV, and How to Get to Be One

CRAFTY TV WRITING: How to Think Like, Write Like, and Get to Be a Professional TV Writer

CRAFTY TV WRITING: How To Make a Sackful of Cash and Have Actors Suck Up to You and Make Directors Your Bitch

Whoever comes up with the one we use gets a free signed copy of the book. Okay?


CRAFTY TV WRITING: How to Get Your Big Ideas onto the Small Screen

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Writing Shows That Sell

CRAFTY TV WRITING: How to Become a television writer/ how to become a small-screen scribe

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Navigating the world of television, from staff writer to showrunner

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Even Joss Whedon had to start somewhere

By Blogger Larry Fouch, at 5:50 PM  

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Writing Ideas That Sell

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Idea to Pitch to Script

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Writing to Pay the Rent

CRAFTY TV WRITING: From Blank Page to Small Screen

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Small Screen Ideas, Big Wads of Cash

Avoid the How-to trap, it looks paltry and does not go with the previous title.

By Blogger Hawise, at 7:10 PM  

Crafty TV Writing: How to make truckloads of "Bochco money" and understand what that means...

Crafty TV Writing: From Freelancer to Showrunner and everything in between...

Crafty TV Writing: From Starting out to Showrunner

I just woke up from a nap so give me a few hours...

By Blogger Cunningham, at 7:52 PM  

CRAFTY TV WRITING: The craft and business of writing for TV from the ground up

By Blogger Kelly J. Crawford, at 9:14 PM  

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Everything You Need To Know To Land Your First Job.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Everything You Need To Know To Break In.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Everything You Need To Know To Land Your First Staff Job.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: How to Write for TV, Land Your First Job, and Sustain a Career.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: The Book You Need To Land Your First Job.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: The Tools To Land Your First Job Writing For TV. Period.

By Blogger CharlieDontSurf, at 1:46 AM  

CRAFTY TV WRITING: The Keys To Writing Great TV.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: The Truth On What It Takes to Write For TV.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: How To Write For TV and Score Your First Job.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Everything You Need to Land Your First Job.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Get Paid To Write Great TV.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: A Professional TV Writer Tells You How to Become One.

CRAFTY TV WRITING: How To Become a Professional TV Writer and Maintain a Career.

By Blogger CharlieDontSurf, at 2:05 AM  

CRAFTY TV WRITING: How to get your show on the air

CRAFTY TV WRITING: From script to screen - how to get your show on the air

Or some combination of:
Getting your show on the air
Getting your script on the screen
How to get your script on the screen
Getting your show on the air and keeping it there
Get your show on the air and keep it there

By Blogger James Moran, at 5:39 AM  



By Blogger Robot Porter, at 6:18 AM  

Crafty TV Writing: Practical Techniques for the Small Screen.


By Blogger Andrew, at 3:51 PM  

Crafty TV Writing: Tricks & the Trade of Small Screen Writing.

By Blogger Grubber, at 12:38 AM  

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Writing Better T.V. Than Martha Stewart

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Writing Scripts That Pad Your Wallet And Your Ego

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Crafty Ways To Trick People Into Thinking Your Work Is Good

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Easier Than Origami

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Getting T.V. Executives To Invite You To Dinner

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Ass Kissing Techniques From the Pros

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: How To Endure A Punch To The Gut And A Roundhouse To The Face

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: How To Break Into A T.V. Executive's House And Hold Him Hostage Until He Buys Your Script And Escaping With Minimal Prison Time With Tips On How To Avoid Showering For 15 Years

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Writing T.V. That Even Nielsen Would Want To Buy

Ok I'll try to be a little bit serious(I'm not too good at that...)

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Writing Compelling Scripts For The Small Screen

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Encapsulating The Hearts and Minds Of Your Audience

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Securing A Career in Television

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Making Audiences Beg For More

By Blogger Don't Mind Me, at 1:52 AM  

I couldn't resist; you created a gail force wind with my spinnaker up.

More "Just Kidding" titles...

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: How To Make T.V. Executives Clean Your Toilet

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: New Benz S Class - Silver Or Black?

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Using Your Gender To It's Maximum Potential

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Tricks on Quitting Your Day Job and Explaining To Your Wife That It's For A Noble Cause

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Plagiarizing Great Writing And Incinerating The Paper Trail And The Original Writer

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Hawaii Or Ibiza?

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: How To Pose As Charlie Kaufman Making The Cross-Over

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Sleeping With T.V. Executive's Wives And Blackmailing Them

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: How To Live On The Streets And Make The Best Of It

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Writing About Full Figured Women For Full Figured Paychecks

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Tips on Flossing Your Teeth With $100 Bills(Tip #1: Only Use Once)

CRAFTY T.V. WRITING: Townhouse or Penthouse?

By Blogger Don't Mind Me, at 2:52 AM  

CRAFTY TV WRITING: From Putting Down the Remote to Picking Up the Emmy

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Using the Small Screen to Tell Tall Tales

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Making TV Better than Reality

By Blogger Lee, at 9:39 AM  

I like your tagline of "writing TV shows that get made." It connects that book to the screenwriting book.

The only one I might add is "CRAFTY TV WRITING: Ignoring the odds and writing TV shows that get made."

That, becuase from everything I've read, TV is even harder to break into than screenwriting.

By Blogger Dave, at 12:16 PM  

CRAFTY TV WRITING: Never Date an Actress

By Blogger M Hand, at 2:04 PM  

Crafty TV Writing: Everything you need to know to be a big success on the small screen.

Crafty TV Writing: The must read guide for writing must see television.

Crafty TV Writing: An insider's guide to succeeding in television.

Crafty TV Writing: Lessons from a showrunner on creating great televison.

By Blogger CD, at 6:32 PM  

'Small Screen' too negative, marketing backlash, nothing 'small' about TV. And "that get made" is just a copycat of 'Crafty Screenwriting', makes it look like you just lifted half the material from the original book and made it TV centric. But on the flipside might be good and consistent, and the TV writer types, might not have picked up your first book. And avoid 'first' or 'career', looks generic job development how-to.

• CRAFTY TV WRITING: Your TV Writing Remote Control
• CRAFTY TV WRITING: Changing the Channel to Better TV Writing
• CRAFTY TV WRITING: From Script to Show
• CRAFTY TV WRITING: From Script to Prime Time
• CRAFTY TV WRITING: The TV Writing Timeslot
• CRAFTY TV WRITING: The TV Writers Episode Guide
• CRAFTY TV WRITING: The Masterfully Shrewd TV Writing Roadmap

By Blogger Christopher Coulter, at 5:42 AM  

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