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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It looks like, yes, President Bush has indeed stabbed the conservative right in the back with his Supreme Court nomination. I thought he might.

Bush campaigned hard on a platform meant to appeal to evangelicals, but he has never lifted a finger on their behalf as president. The closest he's come is approving some stem cell lines and not others. The one place he could easily have repaid the fundamentalists for their support would have been the Supreme Court. But, in the end, he chose to serve himself and his friends.

This leaves an opportunity for the Democrats to pull evangelicals away from the Republican Party. The message should be: the Republicans are not really your friends. They use your code words and they get you to work for them. But they are just using you. True, we are not going to ban abortion. But they're not going to ban it either. We are not going to institute school prayer. But they won't, either. What we are going to do is help educate your kids and get you better health care.

For this message to work, it's not necessary that evangelicals vote for the Democrats in vast numbers. It's only necessary that some do, and that a few more choose not to vote. If the Republicans don't get huge percentages among evangelicals, they lose.

And they deserve to. Obviously I don't agree with the Christian right. But I sympathize with their feeling that they've been betrayed. They totally have been.

So have the neo-cons. The Bushies aren't really for democracy in Iraq -- that would require a much bigger military commitment. Probably a draft.

So have fiscal conservatives. The Bushies aren't really for lean government. They spend money like a drunken sailor. They can pretend to cut taxes all they like, but it's not really cutting taxes when you just add to the national debt. That's like saving money by putting everything on your credit card.

So have national security hawks. The Bushies have done nothing about Iran. Nothing about North Korea. Nothing about securing container cargo.

The Bushies have once again proven that they're Crony Republicans. They aren't for any of the things they ran for. All they really are for is no-bid contracts for Halliburton. And it's time someone got the message out.


Another master stroke by Bush. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. With his poll numbers in a nosedive, Bush can't do anything right at this point.

By Blogger PJ McIlvaine, at 5:07 PM  


Harriet Miers is a BORN-AGAIN EVANGELICAL. The right is pissed because he didn't nominate a Federal Appeals Nazi, but it's kind of a fallacy of reasoning to think that she might be more liberal just because she lacks a record.

By Blogger Larry Fouch, at 9:40 PM  

There is difference between Harriet and the hardcore conservative judges...for the last three/four years Bush couldn't sit and ask the judges how they would have voted on a given decision made by the S.C.
You know Bush has had those type of conversations with Harriet...and he must have liked her answers

By Blogger CharlieDontSurf, at 1:02 AM  

According to Bush, he has not asked, at least about abortion, but that he knows her heart.

Let's get real here. Would Miers have been nominated if she were not a Bush crony and female?

I rest my case.

By Blogger PJ McIlvaine, at 9:08 AM  

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